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Emerging Pearls Foundation is strongly commited to support education excellency in our community. Furthermore, we beleive it is absolutely essential to promote and encourage science, technology, engineering and math education. The U.S. Department of Labor estimates that 60% of the job openings in the 21st Century will REQUIRE skills that only 20% of the American workforce possess.

Emerging Pearls Foundation, Inc. hosts a diverse group of sixth through twelfth-grade boys and girls, including our Emerging Young Leaders, for the annual S.T.E.M. Games Conference. In an effort to highlight educational enrichment and to boost interest and academic performance in the STEM disciplines, this free half-day of highly interactive workshops ultimately challenged middle and high school students to get excited about STEM.  


The games are designed to build teamwork skills, challenge the students to work with their hands and minds, think quickly and critically to solve problems, explore their talents and interests and learn about exciting STEM career opportunities.  


Our website will be updated as future programs become available! Check back often. 

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