Emerging Pearls Foundation will work to help improve and sustain the quality of life in Central Indiana through the financial support of initiatives regarding education, family advocacy, social justice, health and wellness and economic stability. 


Emerging Pearls Foundation works to establish connection opportunities that partner documented community need with the individuals, businesses and organizations that have a willingness to invest in outcomes-based solutions. Specifically, we will intentionally partner with organizations who share a belief that the financial resources within communities of color, women and minority-owned businesses, and those who benefit from consumers of color have a great obiligation to strategically leverage their support to create positive change within our community. 


Natissa Woodard, Chairman
Anika Allen, Vice-Chairman
Kim Pines, Secretary
Kiahna Davis, Treasurer

Tonia Riggins

Nataki Pettigrew

Raimeka Graham


Temeka Rice

Monika Clark

Sheila Curry
Monica Johnson

Shawn Batties

Crystal Baker

Korea Milledge

Naomi Boone

Dr. Danyelle Loveless

Alicia Weakley

Dominique Franklin

Ashley L. James

Jeannine McMillian

Nia Posey



9165 Otis Ave

Ste 238

Indianapolis, IN 46216

Tel: 317-324-8403

Fax: 317-599-4760

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